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Hope for our Community
In the spring of 2019, David Chadwick planted Moments of Hope Church (MOHC). The new church has grown to a weekly attendance of over 1500 people and has quickly established itself as a critical voice in the community – providing hope and encouragement to Charlotte and beyond.

Two ministries - Becoming One

The elders of Moments of Hope Church and the leadership of the "Moments of Hope with David Chadwick" media ministry have determined that these growing ministries should combine under the leadership of Moments of Hope Church.


What is Next

We are currently merging the websites and social media channels of the "Moments of Hope with David Chadwick" media ministry with Moments of Hope Church. As we unite these incredible ministries, you can expect to continue to receive hope-filled, Biblically-driven, practically-guided content that will provide encouragement to you and your family.


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